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Operating Frequency To GHz
RF Output Power dBm
RF Input Power dBm
Duty Cycle %
Pulse Width (Min) µS
Pulse Width (Max) µS
Pulse Repetition Frequency kHz


RF Input Power Sample Yes No
RF Interstage Power Sample Yes No
RF Output Power Sample Yes No
Detected RF Video Sample Yes No
Remote Control RS-232 GPIB Ethernet
Primary Input Power ACV    Phase
Hz        DCV


  Laboratory    Ground    Airborne    Shipborne
  Instrumention Radar High Performance Radar
SAR EW Simulator Telecom EMI/RFI/EMC


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Quarterwave Corp. manufactures a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) line of Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) Amplifiers that range in power from 5 Watts CW to 50 kW peak, pulsed.
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Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff is here to answer your questions about TWTA options.
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Quarterwave is a full service operation providing Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers, high voltage power systems and test equipment for microwave tubes.
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  • Reliable Operation
  • Value Engineered
  • 20 Watts to 50K Watts
  • Versatile Modulation
  • Low AM & PM Noise
  • Standard RS232 Interface or Ethernet
  • .5 to 100 GHz Frequency
  • Pulsed and CW Operation
  • Extended RF Performance
  • Flexible, Expandable
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    Every Quarterwave product is engineered to provide the best value to our customers. The customer's performance, mechanical and enviornmental specifications are addressed together with the target production price from the initial concept to production release.

    Our modular architecture is so versatile that a wide array of applications can be addressed with proven, standard assemblies with minimum engineering expense.

    Quarterwave power components are selected based on performance, availability and price to provide the highest reliability in power capacity per dollar.

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